About us

Welcome to Two Plated!

We are two sisters from Copenhagen, Denmark, that want to share their passion for food to the world. Personality wise we are quite different, and have interest in different things, but one thing that we’ve always shared, is our love for food in many aspects; making and trying it out, but also researching and learning about the benefits of different ingredients, and what you can use them for.

Our philosophy

We believe that eating food (and making it for that sake) should be a great experience, food should make you drool, it should taste and look amazing, and satisfy your appetite and cravings. But at the same time it should nourish your body and soul, and make you feel good. We’re not saying that you should be restrict and make rules that tell you what you are and aren’t allow to eat, but that you simply have the opportunity to eat what makes you feel good, when you want to, and the opposite. 

A big saying for us is; “listen to your body and it’s cravings”, if you crave something it’s probably because you are in “need” of it, but what we especially like to do, is to make healthier alternatives to some of these cravings, that tastes even better.  

Food is fuel, it’s a necessity for everything living. Eating shouldn’t make you feel bad, just because you didn’t pick the salad. It should be about eating what you really want, and if you trust yourself and your body, then the only thing to do, is to listen what it tells you. And it’s at this point as we said earlier on, that we love to make healthier versions of these things, not only does it wonders for you, but most of the time, it’s so much more rich in flavors and textures, is there anything to complain about? 

But always remember food is fuel, and it shouldn’t be about what you are and aren’t aloud to eat, so listen to your body, try to eat as good as possible, and don’t restrict or punish yourself if you eat something less healthy every once in a while. 


Freja is vegan and therefore you’ll have to expect a lot of plant-based deliciousness from her site, and you will never find her eating anything coming from an animal. She definitely has a sweet tooth, and loves to make all kinds of delicious treats and breakfasts, with is her absolute favourite meal of the day. You’ll often hear her say that she could eat breakfast for every meal through the day, and sometimes she’ll even do it.


Frida brings the meaty impact on the blog, but only if it is organic and comes from either a bird or a fish. When Freja’s more to sweets Frida is a salt-lover, and she’s always up for a savory meal, she’ll basically add salt to everything, she can put salt on. But on the other hand she will never turn down any sweets either.

If you feel any interest in what we have to offer, feel welcome to check out our page. And then there’s only one thing left to say, and that is that we can’t wait to share our thoughts, recipes and knowledge with you.