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Dining out

Dining at; Banana

This isn’t your usual “Dining at” because Banana isn’t a usual eating-spot. As a starter they’re a ice cream store, so they don’t have a typical restaurant, or place to sit and eat, they are also only open seasonally, but that doesn’t define Banana. Banana is a Danish brand, they serve a delicious and healthy […]

Dining out

Dining at; Acacia

Acacia is located at Gammel Kongevej at Frederiksberg. It’s a cafe that serves amazing food, lovely treats and pastries and delicious beverages. Acacia can be hard to find, due to it’s location and not so obvious sign, but if you have the directions correct, you’ll actually find it really easy to get to. It’s placed […]

Dining out

Dining at; Matcha Bar

Matcha Bar is a tiny cafe in the heart of Copenhagen, located near the central station. If you see it from the street it might not look that appealing, but if you on the other hand take a look at their Instagram, you’ll get a much different impression. Colorful cakes, crazy smoothie bowls and fascinating […]