Dining at; Banana

This isn’t your usual “Dining at” because Banana isn’t a usual eating-spot. As a starter they’re a ice cream store, so they don’t have a typical restaurant, or place to sit and eat, they are also only open seasonally, but that doesn’t define Banana.

Banana is a Danish brand, they serve a delicious and healthy alternative to ice cream, it’s all organic, vegan and refined sugar-free, what’s not to like? especially when it tastes more than good. Banana’s store is usually located in Torvehallerne, but right now since it’s winter, they’re closed for the season, but will open again later on this year. But even though their usual spot is closed, doesn’t it mean that it’s impossible to find and try them out every once in a while. We, among others were lucky to find them at Finders Keepers, which you may have seen if you follow us on our Instagram. That means that Banana show up at different events and occasions, and they’re great at announcing that on their social media-platforms, so if you can’t wait to try them out, you should definitely pay a visit there.

Atmosphere and location:

As mentioned above Banana is usually located in Torvehallerne, or more like outside Torvehallerne, right between the two halls you’ll be able to find Banana in a small stand (when they’re open), next to the greengrocer, flower shop and a few other food-stands. It’s a nice little stand, there’s not much to say about it, it’s really nice to enjoy one of their ice creams on a bench outside in the sun.


The service at Banana is great, they’re quick to take your order, and you won’t wait more than a minute before you’ll have an ice cream in your hand. One minus is the amount of topping (mostly the granola), you can get two or three toppings, depending on your choice of a small og large ice cream, which is perfect, but we would on the other hand like a little bit more, and feel like (especially with the granola), that they hold a little bit back with the topping, but it only means that their toppings are great.


Okay maybe you can’t call ice cream food, but it surely is something to eat with great enjoyment. You can’t taste that it’s supposed to be healthy, but it is! All Banana’s ice cream/soft serves are made purely out of dates, bananas (duh), lemon, vanilla, water and oat milk, you won’t be able to find any kind of ice cream with more clean ingredients than that. At Banana they serve different flavors, but they don’t have them all, all the time, it varies from time to time, some of the flavors they serve/have served are; coconut, chocolate, banana, mango, strawberry, blackberry and passionfruit. We’ve tried the one with banana, passionfruit, strawberry and blueberry. They were all amazing, it may sound like it might taste like smoothie, which we wouldn’t mind, but it doesn’t, it tastes completely like ice cream, and has the most creamy, soft ice-like consistency, yum. If we had to pick out a few things that we would change about Banana is; the price, it can be quite pricey, a small ice cream costs 35DKK and a large costs 45DKK, it is definitely worth the price, but we would wish for it to be slightly cheaper. Another thing is that some of the ice creams per example the passionfruit one, is that they could have a little bit more flavour, but that is the only things to really point out, everything else is perfect.

Overall experience:

We’ve visited Banana a few times this past year, and we’ll without doubt come back for more. It’s a great healthy alternative for ice cream, and it’s amazing to support a brand like them, who believes in a more sustainable world. They have a great vision, and we’re thrilled to see what’ll happen to them in the future.

We’ll rate Banana with 8/10 stars.

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