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Acacia is located at Gammel Kongevej at Frederiksberg. It’s a cafe that serves amazing food, lovely treats and pastries and delicious beverages. Acacia can be hard to find, due to it’s location and not so obvious sign, but if you have the directions correct, you’ll actually find it really easy to get to. It’s placed close to Frederiksberg centret, which is right by a metro station, and it’s also surrounded by many other public transport options. They make everything from delicious stews and avocado toasts, to amazing banana bread, waffles and pancakes. They’re all gluten free, organic and vegan, which you can’t taste at all, it’s really good. The restaurant is owned by a mother and daughter, and they have the most innovative and creative food ideas, their food does not only taste amazing it looks like art too.

Atmosphere and location:

Acacia has a pretty good size, not too small and not too big, we would wish that they used their space a little more though, especially compared to their popularity, if you come in the weekend in particular around lunch time, you might have to wait a little to get a seat. The cafe itself is filled with light colors and minimalistic arrangement and decor. It’s quite feminin, but not in a bad way, it suits the atmosphere and style a lot. As we said above, Acacia is located close to a lot of different public transport, but we wouldn’t suggest driving there by yourself, unless you want to spend a bit time on finding a parking spot, but you could on the other hand park in Frederiksberg centret’s parking lot.



The service at Acacia is really great, you get a warm welcome the entering, and as soon as you’re seated, the waitress is ready with cups and a jug of water to serve for you (for free). They’re always more than helpful, and give you the best experience possible, we never leave unhappy with the service.


The food and drinks:

Now onto the best part; the food and drinks, something they for sure have talent for, and have been doing for a while. We can’t name a restaurant or cafe in Copenhagen that’s more “Instagram friendly” than Acacia, everything they make is so beautiful and so well-done. Their menu changes a lot, and you can’t find it online, but if you follow them on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, you’ll often see posts from them, where they post new dishes from their menu.                                                As said above everything they make is so innovative, we’ve never seen anything like it, they serve things as blueberry banana bread French toast, chickpea omelet with fermented vegetables and a oat- and buckwheat porridge with coffee crumble on top.

The carrot socca/chickpea omelet; 

Socca is basically a omelet/pancake made out of chickpea flour, Acacia makes their with carrot too. You would expect it to be a savory dish, but it’s actually kind of sweet, it’s a combination of the sweet and savory kitchen, because of the added spices; cinnamon and fennel, it gives the socca a little hint of sweetness. The socca is topped with shredded lacinato kale salad, pickled carrots with sea buckthorn, coconut yogurt and a preserved lemon dressing. It suits the dish really well with the combination of topping and spices.

The oat- and buckwheat porridge: 

This porridge Frida tried, and it was one of the best porridges ever. It was served with the perfect temperature, and the funny thing about it was that it wasn’t that sweet. The porridge is a soaked oats + buckwheat chaga cardamom porridge, topped with waste coffee crumble, walnuts, dehydrated Jerusalem artichokes, rice malt syrup and coconut yogurt. Each ingredient suited the other perfectly, and it was cooked to perfection, if you’d like a different version of the good ol’ oatmeal you should definitely try this one out.

The avocado toast: 

Acacia’s avocado toast is served on the absolute best bread you can find, it’s so amazing and when it arrives at your table the bread is still slightly warm. The bread is a rich seed bread, that has the perfect soft, moist and deep consistency and flavour. The avocado mash is topped with different toasted seeds, persil and coriander which just adds up to the perfect flavour, we would without doubt recommend it.

The banana bread: 

We’re big fans of banana bread, but it can be quite hard to find a perfect vegan and gluten free one, but this one is the one, it’s so damn moist, fluffy and full of flavour. The original banana bread is served with coconut yoghurt and raspberry jam/compote, an absolutely scrumptious combination, you only get one (thick) slice though.

The pancakes: 

They serve a wild blueberry pancake, topped with toasted fennel seed spiced mixed berry compote, tarragon leaf infused ice cream, coconut yogurt, hazelnut crumble. Even though it’s only one pancake, you won’t be left hungry, because it’s a huge pancake, topped with all the good toppings. The combination of the sourness from berry compote, the sweetness, creaminess and cold from the ice-cream and the crisp from the crumble, creates a food party in your mouth, that you won’t forget. Everything is spot-on and delicious.

The buckwheat waffles: 

The waffles are made out of buckwheat flour, and topped with caramelised and dehydrated apples, coconut yogurt and whipped cream, buckwheat walnut crumble and buckwheat koji caramel. It’s an apple-caramel bomb, but it sure as h*ll tastes bomb too! It’s so damn good and filled with the most satisfying flavors, the crumble adds up a nice crisp to the otherwise nice and soft waffles, it makes it even better. They are definitely for the sweet tooth.

Overall experience:

As you may guess we don’t really have a finger to point at Acacia, other than it can be quite busy, especially in the weekends, so they could extend their seating a little more, but other than that Acacia is a must-try when in Copenhagen. A difficulty in Copenhagen is to find healthy, delicious AND cheap food, but the price range at Acacia is not that bad, the priciest item on their menu is 99DKK, which is pretty cheap compared to many other healthy, organic and/or vegan places in Denmark. And the price lives for sure up to the food. We would definitely recommend Acacia to anyone curious after something new, or simply just some real good food.


We’ll rate Acacia with 9/10 stars.

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If you’ve ever tried Acacia or consider it, please write to us what you either think or expect, or if we’ve lured you into trying it.

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