Our favourite healthy chocolate

This is our absolute favourite chocolates, they’re all both healthy and vegan (except a few from RawHalo). Even though we love trying out new chocolates these are the brands that we keep returning to. They all have a lot of different varieties to switch it up every now and then. We haven’t tried all the different flavours yet so we can’t promise that all of them are just as delicious as the ones we are mentioning however the chocolates that we have tried from these brands are absolutely delicious.



Hu kitchen

This brand is without doubt our all time favorite, with flavors like hazelnut, mint, banana, orange, salted and plain, there is something for everyone. However our personal favorite is the “Almond butter + puffed quinoa” one. The creamy almond butter paired with the crispy quinoa and the delicious chocolate makes the perfect combination in our opinion. Another favourite of ours is the “Vanilla quinoa qrispy”, yes, once again a crispy one but what can we say? We love a good crisp in our chocolates. They also recently came out with new flavors such as; “Cashew butter + raspberry jelly” and “Orange dream vanilla cashew butter”, that we’d also love to try out. The chocolate comes in small squares with the filling in the middle which we are big fans of.

Loving earth

This chocolate comes in flavors such as lemon, cheesecake, hazelnut, mandarin, raspberry and plain both in mylk and dark where “Salted caramel” is our favorite one. Many vegan chocolates tend to “crumble” in your mouth when you eat it, but these ones are so rich, creamy and delicious, they completely melt in you mouth. Loving earth does make other products too like buckinis, nuts and coconut oil. We really want to try out their double-layered chocolate too, they make flavors such as “Very buck n’ berry”; hazelnut ‘mylk’ chocolate with cranberries and activated buckwheat, or their “Banoffee bang bang”; caramel chocolate with vanilla and buckinis. They also make mini-versions of their “regular” chocolates, so it’s basically the same, just in smaller portions. 



This bar comes in flat, big squares which we aren’t big fans of since we like tall squares (especially with filling) rather than flat ones. However this doesn’t mean that this is a bad chocolate bar at all it is just not our favourite.

The chocolate comes in the flavors such as ginger & pecan, goji berry, crispies, lemon & salt, cinnamon & raisin. They have more typical flavors, and they are truly amazing. We’re especially huge fans of the perfect sound it makes when you take a bite of it, even when it haven’t been in the fridge (the sound of chocolate snapping is Frida’s all time favourite sound, hahah). One thing with RawHalo is that not all of their chocolates are vegan, but they are lactose-free on the other hand. Their “Salted caramel” for example has caramel extract in it that contains raw (lactose-free) cream, so be sure to check the labels before you try them (if you’re vegan, or just don’t eat dairy), they either say lactose- or dairy-free. 

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