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Matcha Bar is a tiny cafe in the heart of Copenhagen, located near the central station. If you see it from the street it might not look that appealing, but if you on the other hand take a look at their Instagram, you’ll get a much different impression. Colorful cakes, crazy smoothie bowls and fascinating beverages, are the first thing you’ll notice, and that was also what caught our attention. We hadn’t seen anything like that in Copenhagen before, hence to why we had to give it a visit. Not only is Matcha Bar great at making new and colorful things, their menu is all vegan, organic and gluten-free, which is just the cherry on the top, they are also big supporters of sustainability, and they are even plastic-free, a big go from us! This was our experience at Matcha Bar..

Atmosphere and location:

As we said before Matcha Bar is located just a short walk from Copenhagen’s central station, however if you don’t know about it, you’ll probably have a hard time finding it, since it’s located on a smaller street. When you enter the cafe the first thing you’ll see is a selection of different vegan products, then you turn to the right and you’ll be greeted by a big selection of different vegan cakes and pastries.

The atmosphere in the little cafe is really down to earth and cozy, there’s not that many seats but it’s usually not that busy there either, so it’s not necessary. It has a really organic vibe, filled with plants and earthy nuances, they do not use any sort of plastic either, which makes a big plus from our side too. The employees are friendly and helpful, if you are curious about anything they’re there to answer your questions.

The food and drinks:

As mentioned above Matcha Bar has a big sortiment of different cakes, pastries and bread such as; cinnamon buns, raw cakes, nordic crisp, and muffins. But they also have a big selection of drinks including coffee with flavors like hazelnut and vanilla, teas and matcha lattes. And of course their interesting smoothie bowls, you can choose between their ‘Charcoal galaxy’, ‘Pitaya pink sky’ and ‘Blue spiraling ocean’ bowl. We tried the ‘Charcoal galaxy’ bowl, cinnamon buns, brownie and the hazelnut coffee.

The ‘Charcoal galaxy’ bowl;

After seeing this bowl on Instagram we had big expectations for something special, we mean can you expect more than perfection from a bowl that looks this magical? When the waiter brought in the bowl we definitely weren’t let down by it’s appearance, it looked exactly like the ones on Instagram, but then we had a taste.. it didn’t taste bad, but it had a big lack of flavour. It was really flat, no sweetness, no sour, no nothing. So if you’re ever going to Matcha Bar in the hoping of getting an experience for your taste buds, we wouldn’t recommend getting the ‘Charcoal galaxy’ bowl.

The cinnamon buns; 

We may have been let down by the smoothie bowl, but one thing we for sure never have been, and probably never will be let down by, is Matcha Bar’s cinnamon buns. When we say these are the best cinnamon buns we’ve EVER tasted, we’re not kidding, and we know that we aren’t the only ones who think that, our parents are among others also huge fans of them, and agree on them being the best cinnamon buns to find, you’ll never guess that they are vegan and gluten-free.

The hazelnut coffee; 

At Matcha Bar they make their coffee by slow dripping it, which basically means that it’s brewed slowly and longer than espresso, which they claim should give the coffee a more round and well-balanced taste, with less acidity and bitterness. We have to give them that the taste is really round, but on the other hand we thought it needed a little bit more flavor. It wasn’t bad at all, maybe we’ll try to ask for a little more concentrated coffee next time, but if you aren’t the biggest fan of a strong coffee, this’ll be your guy. 


Overall experience: 

After visiting Matcha Bar we’ll definitely recommend to others, it’s a nice and cozy spots with a lot of different offers on the menu, some better than others. We are big fans of Matcha Bar’s philosophy of sustainable, healthy, organic and creative foods, treats and beverages. If you want to go visit a place where they weight both taste and look, you should without doubt add Matcha Bar to the list.

We’ll rate Matcha Bar with 7/10 stars. 

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We’d love to hear about your experience and opinions about Matcha Bar if you’ve ever visited, or maybe will visit the little cafe in the future! 

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