Best and worst: smoothie bowls in Copenhagen

If there is one breakfast dish that we love, it got to be smoothie bowls. Who knew that something so simple as putting a smoothie in a bowl and adding toppings could be so delicious?

Our definition of the perfect smoothie bowl

One thing that is a must for a great smoothie bowl in our opinion is that it has to be creamy. A smoothie bowl can easily be taken from an 2 to a 4 just because it is extra creamy. Creaminess is essential to us. Then there is the taste. We like our smoothie bowls pretty sweet and with the taste of berries. We can deal with a little bit of sourness but unnecessary kicks of flavours (like mint) can definitely ruin a good smoothie bowl. Then there is the toppings: We are big fans of granola. Again, we like our granola pretty sweet and the crunchier the better. And then there is the fruit. We like our bowls topped with a lot of fruits especially berries and banan. We don’t mind a little peanut butter either but it isn’t a must for us.

Simpleraw, "açai bowl"

SimpleRaw, “Acai bowl”

The creamiest

5/5 stars

This one is without doubt our favourite one yet. It is extremely creamy which we really appreciate in a smoothie bowl and it taste super delicious too. The smoothie bowl is topped with simpleRaw´s raw granola like crunch which was delicious. It wasn’t the best granola out of all of the bowls but it was still super delicious. And now to the fruit: this was one of the bowls that was topped with the most fruits and who doesn’t love some extra fruits?


The Organic Boho, "I am radiant"

The Organic Boho, “I am radiant”

Best for the detail

3/5 stars

Think edible flowers, peanut butter swirls and freeze dried raspberries. This bowl is every decoration and instagram-lovers dream. The smoothie itself taste good but is a bit on the more liquid side. You don’t get a huge portion with this bowl because the purpose of ordering it is because of the toppings.


Souls, "Acai Bowl"

Souls, “Acai Bowl”

Best for the ice cream lover

3/5 stars

This smoothie bowl is the one that has the most ice cream like texture. It is served cold as ice, and has a thick consistency, it’s pretty much like eating a sorbet. So it would especially be great for a hot summer day, when you need to get cooled down a bit.


42Raw, “Acai bowl”

The Best granola

3/5 stars

This bowl was good but it wasn’t anything special. The smoothie was a bit on the more liquid side which we are not big fans of, however the granola was really good. The granola taste like a mix of almonds and coconut which we personally think is a combination made in heaven but if you are allergic to nuts (or just don’t like them), this granola won’t be for you. It isn’t a bowl that we are dying to try again but we wouldn’t mind it either.


Vita Boost, “Acai Bowl”

Best for the one on the go

2/5 stars

This is a bowl that we have mixed feelings about. The bowl is served in a to-go container which is great if you are on the go but if you are trying to save plastic this will be a problem for you. The smoothie itself is pretty average but this is where or problem comes: they add mint to the mixture. Either one of us likes mint so this was a big disappointment for us since the mint flavour was really strong. But if you are a mint lover this should definitely be your go-to. The granola was also pretty average: it tasted fine but nothing special. And the fruits was of course delicious but I mean, when is fruit not delicious?


Matcha baren, "charcoal galaxy"

Matcha baren, “Charcoal galaxy”

Best for Instagram, but unfortunately not the taste

1/5 stars

This is a bowl that we have kind of mixed feelings about. We had been seeing it all over Instagram, so we were really exited when we got the chance to try it ourselves. Unfortunately it ended in a big disappointment because the bowls’ taste didn’t live up to it’s appearance at all. When you get a bowl that look as magical as this one you expect it to taste just as magical which it didn’t at all. It didn’t taste necessarily bad, it just didn’t really taste like anything. Not berry taste, no banana taste, no nothing. On the bottom of the bowl there were their homemade granola which for some weird reason tasted like salt which didn’t go well with the bowl at all. The only thing that actually tasted good in this bowl was the berries.

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